Applicant Q&A

//Applicant Q&A

Answers to some frequently asked questions about BADGE’s recruitment process.

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Who do I contact regarding vacancies at BADGE?

Please contact our HR Officer Amber Dawes at

I’ve lodged an application, now what?

Our selection panel will review your application. They may ring you to clarify certain details, or to complete a short telephone interview. The process usually takes at least a week, so please be patient! If your application is unsuccessful, we will advise you by email or phone call.

Will you contact my referees?

It is unlikely that we will contact your referees until after we have interviewed you. But it is important you contact your referees to advise them that you have applied for a position with BADGE and to check they are happy to provide a reference if required.

If I am invited to attend an interview, what should I expect?

We prepare an interview guide for each role and ask each applicant the same 10 – 15 questions for about an hour. Most of the questions will require that you provide an example with specific details about a similar situation where you can describe exactly what you did or how you responded, and the result. Keep this in mind and come prepared to tell us about your experience.

How should I dress? Do I need to wear a suit?

The BADGE Group is not a formal organisation, but we all wear neat work clothes that are appropriate for our positions. If the role is senior or managerial, then a business suit or jacket are appropriate, with ties optional. For site based staff, we would expect a neat and presentable appearance at minimum.

Will I have to do a medical or psych test?

All staff are required to undertake a basic medical test upon commencement with us. This will include a hearing test and depending on your position may include some functionality assessments as well. This information is kept confidential. Depending on the position you have applied for we may ask you to undertake some psychometric testing as well.