1.I am interested in building a new food production facility or extending my existing, what are the first steps?

The first step is to seek expert advice on your project. There are many factors that need to be considered prior to construction including site selection, services, design and layout. Taking some time to have a non-committal chat to someone like BADGE can assist in ensuring the process has some operational guidelines which will ensure the best outcomes.

2.I am confident that I can organise the trades and manage the process myself, what is the advantage of a builder?

The advantage of a builder lies within the management of the entire project: coordinating trades; OHS requirements; meeting deadlines and defect management. Doing all of this yourself is achievable, but ultimately it will take you away from your core process of running your business.

Appointing someone such as BADGE as the Principal Contractor also means that the accountability for safety risks is taken away from you, thus ensuring you aren’t swamped with critical safety paperwork.

In our experience, the margin you will pay to a building company to manage a project will be more than offset in dealing with the costs associated in not delivering the project on time by doing it yourself – and we know that the more complicated the build, the more issues will certainly arise.

3.Can BADGE assist with the design of the building or do they only construct?

Yes, we can do design & construct. In fact, design & construct is our preferred method of operation as it ensures that we get involved in the project early and can assist in creating the best outcomes for our clients.

4.Is there much difference in design and construct in a food processing facility versus a commercial build?

There are clear differences between both types of facilities and that is why BADGE has a team dedicated to the food & beverage industry. Generally, food & beverage facilities hold up to a very harsh environment including cold temperatures, high levels of moisture and chemical use, process segregation, foot and vehicle traffic movement and strict QA auditing standards. These unique factors pose challenges that cannot typically be achieved with commercial builds.

5.Does BADGE work with equipment suppliers before and during the build process or are they separate?

Our team works with dedicated food & beverage equipment and services suppliers to ensure that the installation matches the building timeframe – this can often be an afterthought and if not integrated, can create significant headaches. To achieve best outcomes, equipment layouts need to be integrated to consider operation, maintenance, cleaning and emergency egress.

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