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Reflections on culture and leadership from the River City

4 September 2019

When Bradley Watts moved interstate to manage the BADGE Brisbane office, he was tasked with overhauling the culture and building morale – as well as business. After two years in the role, he reflects on challenges and lessons learnt.

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A new era for our Indigenous construction partnership

1 August 2019

This year, there's new ambition for NACP Projects Australia and a new man at the helm. Daniel Robinson brings us up to speed.

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Rethinking the roster

18 July 2019

We delivered a major Queensland police complex safely, efficiently, and four months early - but we kept our weekends to ourselves. How did we do it? The Chief Executive sits down with the Contract Administrator to find out!

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EPS panel: taming an insurance beast

29 May 2019

Insurers are clamping down on fire-prone building materials, and businesses running a facility with EPS panel are feeling the squeeze. Clint Aird looks at what can be done to ease the pressure.

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Picture of health

8 May 2019

Alex Long runs through what we're up to in the health sector - and why he thinks the design phase can make or break a health project.

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